• Applications

    National-wide contribution to information and communication techniques is prevailing because each country wants to be a leader in 21st centuries. These techniques are coupled with the Internet using satellites and the next generation of satellite abilities.

    • Development of earth-observing system and Image-processing techniques
    • Development of GPS system and DGPS system
  • Asteroid Deflection

    The impact between the Earth and terrestrial objects nearby is a disaster for our mankind. ACL develops techniques on the deflection of orbits which hazardous asteroids have. Development, design, and analysis of deflection techniques on asteroids that can collide with the Earth. Analysis of alternation of orbits of hazardous asteroids using formation flight of spacecraft. 

  • Interplanetary Mission Design

    Recent interest in planets in the solar system are due to improvements in space techniques, pollution of the Earth’s environments and other causes. ACL develops techniques on the interplanetary mission and its relevant researches.

    • Research and development of a system for down-to-Earth missions
    • Design of a mission to Mars or the Moon
  • Attitude Control & Determination

    Not only accurate orbit determination, but the recent rise of the necessitation referring to the precise earth-observation mission led to further researches on attitude control and determination of satellites through various data of attitude sensors in order for the improvement of pointing accuracy of satellites’ observational instruments. The pointing capability of a satellite toward a target is an important technique for deciding a mission. These high-technique researches are being developed in the laboratory.

    • Research on attitude control and determination using the magnetic field of the Earth
    • Development of attitude maneuvering from optimal theory
  • Formation Flying

    Satellites formation flying is a technique that makes two or more satellites fly in a formation or a constellation of them in the space. The effectiveness of a mission is enhanced when satellites maintain a formation or modify it. These high-technique researches are being developed in the laboratory.

    • Design of optimal re-formation path and development of a variety of re-formation techniques
    • Algorithm on the determination of relative position among satellites
    • Research on the maintenance of a formation
    • Research on the determination and maintenance of satellites
    • Development of simulator of formation flight
  • Orbit Control & Determination

    Ground station, which tracks and controls satellites, is one of the most pivotal elements in the operation on the satellites. Thus, orbit control and determination of satellites are indispensable for the ground station, and is a conventional research area in ACL. Research on an algorithm of precise orbit determination, orbit prediction and orbit maneuver development of techniques of orbit control of satellites.