CANYVAL-C mission is aimed at scientific validation of photographing the sun’s corona.
    This mission is the application of Virtual Telescope technology that uses several discrete satellites as a space telescope.
    The mission requires development of inertial alignment hold technology, spacecraft formation flying GNC technology and inter-satellite link technology.
    CANYVAL-C is a subsequent mission of CANYVAL-X, technical experiment mission of virtual telescope, and expects further projects of solar science and X-ray objective science mission.

    The CANYVAL-C system consists of two CubeSats, ‘PUMBAA’ and ‘TIMON’. PUMBAA, the occulter, is a 2U CubeSat that covers the sun for corona imaging.

    TIMON, the detector, is an 1U CubeSat that takes a coronagraph with an optical camera.
    The CubeSats are planned to be launched in July, 2019.

  • Asteroid Deflection

    • Design interplanetary trajectory to target asteroid
    • Develop techniques to deflect a potentially hazardous asteroid
  • On-board Ephemeris Generator

    • Supporting Korea Lunar Pathfinder Mission
    • Develop algorithm of Ephemeris data compression.
    • Verify the algorithm through simulations.
    • Develop on-board ephemeris generation algorithm for Korean Lunar Exploration.
    • Develop software for compressed ephemeris data that will be used on Ground station.
    • Implement the algorithm to GMAT