Youngho Eun

Research Interest
  • Spacecraft Formation Flying Simulator
  • Control Theory

Youngkwang Kim

Research Interest
  • Fuel-Optimal Impulsive Control Theory and Applications for Space Relative Motion
  • Low-Thrust Trajectory Optimization Based on Collocation Approach
  • Software Development for Space Mission Design, Analysis, and Optimization
  • Analytical Covariance Analysis for Space Trajectories

Kwangwon Lee

Research Interest
  • Nonlinear Optimal Controls with Applications to Tracking and Relocation of Spacecraft Relative Motion
  • Nonlinear Optimal Collision-Free Controls with Application to Spacecraft Proximity Operations
  • Trajectory Design and Optimization for Spacecraft Orbital/Interplanetary Maneuvers

Jaepil Park

Research Interest
  • CubeSat System Engineering

Hyungjik Jay Oh

Research Interest
  • SLR Orbit Determination
  • GPS Orbit Determination
  • Hardware-In-the-Loop Simulator

Eunji Lee

Research Interest
  • Communication System for Cubesat
  • Precise Orbit Determination of Satellite and Spacecraft for Deep Space Exploration

Youngbum Song

Research Interest
  • Design and Develop Flight Software for CANYVAL-X Satellites

Jin Haeng Choi

Research Interest
  • Low Enery Transfer Orbit Design for Earth-Moon and Interplanetary Mission
  • Development of Distributed Modeling of Multiple Break-up Fragments and Ground Risk Assessment.
  • A Study on the Multiple Space Constellation and Formation Keeping
  • Development of Individual Elements of General Mission Analysis Tool for Space Exploration

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